Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Time to start planning

What will you buy your family for Christmas? Have you thoiught about that yet? If not it's about time!

Christmas will come sooner than you know and before you have a chance to say "Happy Holidays" it will be time to give and recieve gifts.

Of course Christmas is not only about gifts but it is a big deal around Christmas. I have always had difficulties buying gifts, doesn't matter who it's for. I always have great troubles to buy something for my husband. Well this year I have thought about giving him audio racks since he has grown his collection a lot during the last few months and have talked about buying a new rack.

We can soon start the countdown for Christmas. I am looking forward to see the Swedish advent calendar on TV. Well over the Net but it's a tv program. The advent calendars are great!The real audiece might be 10 years old but what does that matter? A young mind is ahealthy mind, right? *lol*

So, have you done any Christmas shopping yet?

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