Monday, November 26, 2007

Too early to decorate for Christmas?

Today is the first day I am listening to Christmas music. I thought it was about time to get into the Christmas spirit a bit earlier this year. I am always a bit reluctant to listen to Christmas music when it's not Christmas but perhaps it's time to change that.

Have you thought about how you will decorate your blog this year? Why not get a Christmas header for your blog to make every visitor feel the Christmas feeling a bit extra?

Me and Revka have created some beautiful Christmas headers for you to decorate your blog with this year. Please visit our Happy Holidays page to see a selection of pre-made headers. If you don't see a header you like you are welcome to contact us and we can make a Christmas header especially for your blog. We will release more headers during the weeks to come so stay tuned! We create custom designs at affordable prices and make sure you are a 100/% satisfied.

If you would like to give your whole blog a new Christmas look then we are offering pre-made templates as well. Everything for your blog to give that real cozy Christmas feeling to your visitors.

It's not too early to decorate for Christmas! Make sure you give your blog a present this year! :)

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Revka said...

Great post, Linda. I need to write one or two of my own. :)


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