Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Working from home- working without limits?

When you work from home it is so easy to work over time. I do this all the time. Not because I want to but because it is so easy. But there are also days I say " today I need to work overtime" and make it more official. By that I mean that usually I don't say anything at all but leave the computer on but the days when I say it and then it feels as if my family understands better.

So does working from home mean you can work without limits? That you should work overtime just because you can? Well I don't agree on that.

You need to set limits to not burn yourself out!

Without limits you can work and work and work and never finish what you have to do. And that is why I don't do blog design on weekends.And it's really hard to say no to that. Because it is so easy to do it anyway.

Do you find it hard to limit your working hours when you work from home? Share and let us know!

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Mini said...

I agree. I have employment outside the home, and some work I do inside the home. I generally spend more time working on my "side work" at home, than I do with my other employment. I think setting a realistic limit to the amount of OT or work from home we do.

Linda said...

I agree, it's just hard to draw the line sometimes :)


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