Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Working only 10h/w? Is that possible?

I was reading my daily feeds and came across a post from Wendy at eMoms where she talked about a trial to work only 10 hours a week. She got the idea from Startup Princess who had done the experiment and enjoyed it. And most important; saw that it was possible.

With my internet acting up with me I decided to go to my daily refugee place now, the hammock, and think about it. After a few minutes I decided that it must be possible.
Here are my thoughts:

I work 9 hours or more Monday to Friday. I don’t have a proper lunch hour and I usually continue to work at night. But we’ll say 9 hours/day to get a medium. On weekends I do try not to work but often find myself stuck here. On Friday night I spend 2 hours trying to find pictures for my walking blog. Seriously that is just too much. I could’ve been sitting with my family and enjoyed their company instead.

So on average I work 50 hours per week. “But you “only blog” what do you do all that time?” Oh I’d like to know that as well!

First of all what is a hindrance is my internet speed. I have been talking about this before but my internet speed is way too slow for me to be efficient. Only this morning my speed dropped at least 10 times and I had to reconnect as many times as it dropped and now I gave up and went to lie in my hammock instead. If my connection was better I would be able to do twice as much in less time. And now it seems that I have finally made my husband understand that so we are hopefully calling the internet services this week.

Because of the slow internet that means it takes longer for me to browse and at many times I have to refresh pages because they don’t load properly = waste of time. If my internet was quicker I would be able to comment way more on other blogs than I am today.

What would I do if I had more time on my hands?

Well I won’t fool you and say I would leave my computer to dust in the corner. I would probably still use it just not as much. I would browse new blogs more, participate in more memes, writing projects, add more pictures to this blog, write more posts, design templates quicker, connect with more bloggers through forums, be a more active blogger, use more marketing strategies to get more visitors etc. All the things that I’m not able to fully do at this moment.

My house would be clean, dinner would be on the table no later than 18.30 and I would not have stacks of laundry waiting for several days to be ironed like I have now. I would cook more as I love doing that and I would start writing my book about Brazilian Food.

Even if I manage to cut down to 10 hours working per week I would still spend another 10 to network etc but that still leaves me with 20 hours “free time”. Hurray! That sounds great!

When I think about working out of home I see myself arriving home after a long day still having to clean the house, do the laundry, the dishes and everything else that needs to be done. I would be exhausted and that’s now the way I want it to be. I have to opportunity to not do it so really I should focus more on what my home needs. After all, that is why most moms work from home.

So I want to ask you who work from home; how many hours a week do you really work and what would you do if you cut it down to only ten. Would you be bale to cut it down to only ten?

If anyone is up for it we could do a little experiment and blog about it :)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning my post about working only 10hrs a week. I have to say that it is incredibly difficult to only check email 1x a day, somedays I'm better than others, but recovering from my email addiction is a huge time saver!! :) Let me know how it goes for you...the concept to only work 10 hrs was inspired by The book, 4 Hour Work Week, by Timothy Ferriss, I highly recommend it. He's all about outsourcing and limiting your email, etc.

Make a Wish,Make it Happen!

Linda said...

Thanks Kelly, I really enjoyed reading your post so it was a little wake up call. We spend way to much time on unnecessary things when we work via the net. I'll check out that book. Thank you!

Mini said...

I've been considering something similar to this. I am thinking about cutting back my computer time in general, including the time I spend working on the computer. I wonder if I will be able to accomplish all that I need if I cut down my hours. But, I also think, if I gave myself a strict limit to how many hours I could work, maybe I would be more focused and still get it all done, leaving myself with more time for my Hubby and family. I would be interested to see how this works out for you. Keep us posted.


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