Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A color change coming up!

No it is not for this blog or any other blog for that matter. It's for our house! After 3 years we are finally (!!!!) repainting the house!

Every time I watch TV commercial for those lovely condos for sale I think to myself I would like to live there. But after this color change it will probably not be very tempting any longer.

We haven't decided on which color yet but just the fact that my husband asked me to get a list of possible colors is a big thing! That means it is happening.

I have to say that home decorating is so much fun! I don't really have an eye for interior design but I like to change things around and add colors etc.

I am really happy about my up coming color change, are you doing any house improvements during the holidays or is Christmas enough? *lol*

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