Friday, December 07, 2007

Hire Me!

So you are interested in what I can do for you? I am one of those multi skilled moms that does a little of this and a little of that. And in the end it works out perfectly. Here is what I can do for you;

I can write for you.
I am was the editor of Daily Power Walk over at Creative-Weblogging I have also been a published food columnist on HubPages and are currently writing for a Swedish travel company. I can write on various topics, especially health, parenting and food. Please contact me for further details should you be looking for a creative and reliable writer. I also do ghost writing and ghost blogging.

I can blog for you.
Blogging and writing is almost the same thing but then again it's not. Need a blogger? I can surely help you with that! As an experienced prolific blogger I can help you add extra content to your blog or ghost write for you. Please read my blogs to get to know my writing style and if you like it send me an email to discuss your project.

I can review your products.
Need a product review? Contact me for details and prices.
All reviews are neutral.

I can design for you.
I do custom web design and can help you create a personal inspiring page suited to your needs. I work with Revka at Berries and Cream Blog Design and we can proudly say that we do personal custom design at very affordable prices. We have one of the best prices on the market today without compromising on quality. We offer a 100% guarantee back should you not be happy with our designs. Thousands of blogs are created everyday, let your stand out and give it a personal touch!

I can translate for you.
I can translate Swedish, English and Portuguese audio, documents or web pages without any problem. I am Swedish and live in Brazil, English is my second language.

Anything that caught your attention? Feel free to send me an email (brassemail*at*gmail*.com) with your inquires. Please note that I will not reply to emails that are not serious.

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2 comments: said...

Hi Linda,

Thanks for the great run down on your talents. There is certainly nothing wrong with self promotion...if we don't 'toot out own horn' nobody would know what our talents are.... we all have hidden gems waiting to be revealed!


fields said...

Hi Linda

You did nice articles when I hired you thanks ..


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