Monday, December 10, 2007

A new office!

These last few days wonderful things have happened to me. I have work to do, my family is great and everything seems to be going forward.

And, we are re-decorating! Last night I all of a sudden came up with a totally new idea of how we should re-arrange our living room. In a new way that we have never thought before and my hubby liked it so much that he started to change right away. It wasn't just an easy, re-arrange the furniture thing but a whole lot more work including drilling and cables etc.

So now we have a new living room. But the best part is yet to be changes. My little mini office is moving out from the bedroom to what was our living room and now will be office/ dining room. And I believe it will be so much better. Now I won't have to run back and forth all the time to check on my son or the dogs or everything else that happened at the front of the house. Now I can just lean forward a bit and draw the curtain back. Less stress!!! Wonderful!

I am already dreaming of how I will decorate my mini mini office :)

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