Monday, December 24, 2007

Once you start decorating it's hard to stop

Now we have finally painted our house and it looks beautiful. And now we are very happy with the way it looks but we can't stop talking about the other things we want to do. Just because we have painted the house it doesn't mean it stops there.

For the dogs not to make the house dirty again we deleted the only little garden we had and put concrete on it. Now we don't have to clean dirt all the time, worry about the dogs when it rains and think "oh no now the whole yard will be dirty" and it looks so much better! That is also the reason why I want to buy more pots to add more flowers. As it is now I have lots of pots with basil plants but no actual flowers.

My husband has talked about adding more outdoor lighting so that it will be easier to lit when you get home at night. As it is now you can't see a thing so he wants to add a light that you can lit at the gate instead but inside the yard. Good idea I have to say.

And then we have the room at the back, and our room and our son's room. They also need to be painted. But they don't look half as bad as the house did so I think that will have to wait a little.

Well this leaves me with one though: Once you start decorating it's hard to stop! *lol*

I hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

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