Friday, December 28, 2007

Perhaps I should join a club?

Being a foreigner in Brazil is not always easy let me tell you. Thankfully I don't get too depressed being on my own but there are times I really wish I had more stuff on my agenda.

I have thought about joining clubs and organizations and I have called up a few. Unfortunately they didn't show much interest and the lack of communication was ... what can I say "bad".

If you like wine you can join a wine of the month club but that's not really my thing so I am looking for more help organizations to help others or socialize. Something that is keeping me back is also the timing, most things seems to be going on at night and night is family time as I see it so I prefer to do things during the day.

I haven't found my thing here, yet after 3 years but I am happy, I like what I have and I am thankful each day and wouldn't want it any other way.

Do you belong to any organization or club to occupy your mind or help others?

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