Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The reward for hard work

I love creating blog design! And the absolute best thing is when someone says- I LOVE IT!

Wow! That is such a push in the right direction and so encouraging! And it makes me so happy! That is why I do blog design!

When you work hard on a project it is even more gratifying when the one you work for like it.

I daily think about if I am happy with what I do and how I can improve or if I should change. Daily decisions. Important decisions but days like this one shows me I am on the right track.

Do you ever wonder if you made the right decision to work from home?

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Mini said...

I'm SO hiring you when I get some hosting for my new blog. I am ready to move it, but can't get hosting. I even have my domain name and an basic idea of what I want for my layout (Star!)
I think working from home is a decision that will never NOT be second guessed. Just like working out of the home will never be completely for sure. But people make the best decisions they can at that moment.

Linda said...

What a nice comment! Thank you! :)
Stars sounds great!

I can understand that hosting is an issue, I would have problems deciding as well. Hope you get it solved soon.

I think living the moment is a good thing, but I feel it is slightly worrying sometimes when you work at home. Of course it depends on what kind of job you do. Well so far I am happy with my choice! :)


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