Monday, December 24, 2007

So Christmas is here...

Well with the weather being +35°C I can't really say I have any Christmas feeling what so ever. I have attempted to add some Christmas spirit by adding a Santa table cloth on the table and also put up a stocking for decoration. We had ham for dinner but besides that it's like any normal day.

This morning my hubby went out and bought himself a new mobile as they were on sale at a very good price. While he was out I went to the pet shop with my little son and bought a bird to my husband. He loves birds so I thought it was the perfect gift.

My gift will be new plants and pots for our garden. Not at all a bad gift as it will benefit the whole family.

And work continues just as usual. I still have to write about exercise equipment and fitness, be it Christmas or not. But I am not complaining, I am trying to relax the best I can.

Santa rode by in a car an hour ago, looked a little bit fun. A nice attempt though... I would like some snow, it was a long time ago since I made snow angels..

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