Friday, January 25, 2008

10 things you should know before starting to work from home

Working from home can be a very “glamorous” thing if you are to believe all the ads that say “financial freedom” etc. Will you get financial freedom just by working from home? My answer; Yes you can get it but be prepared to work more than you did at your old job.

If you want to work from home there are ten things to help you get started.

1: Check your current income. If you are married and have kids; will you be able to survive on your husband’s salary only as you start out? If you can; save up for at least 4 months before quitting your day job.

2: Set your salary. After you have checked your monthly payments you should see how much you need to make every month to be able to pay the bills.

3: Make a list of what you want to work with. This is not an easy task but an absolutely necessary one. You need to have clear goals. Save the list, you might need it again (see step 5)

4: Investigate your future job. How easy is it to make money and will you be able to compete with your colleagues on the same market? Remember the golden rule: Never pay to work from someone! That being said there are a few well known companies that requires you to pay to start. Make sure you investigate thoroughly before you start any kind of job.

5: Make sure you have a back-up plan ready. If your choice of career doesn’t work out then what will you do? You still have to pay your bills at the end of the month.

6: Start a blog. Even if your work from home choice isn’t online you will benefit a lot from starting a blog. You can market your product and especially get in contact with others in your area and learn from them and make valuable contacts. And if your work is based online you will definitely need one. Working online can be hard and it can be easy, you will probably see that it is harder than you thought it was.

7: Don’t pay for things you can get for free. In the beginning we can easily be fooled to think that we will get the best result by paying for e-books or other “must have” resources. There are many valuable things you can not get for free but you might get almost everything by searching and reading on the net. Think not only once but three times before buying something.

8: Have clear goals. Make a list of things you would like to achieve during six months. Include everything, even the small “silly” things. Put it up on a wall close to you and remind yourself everyday and tick off your list as time pass and you succeed in accomplishing your goals.

9: Be organized. If you are organized you have a better chance to accomplish everything you want. Stay clear of distractions and you will be able to spend more time with your family or do something fun.

10: Don’t undervalue yourself and your time. This is probably one of the hardest decisions when starting out, how much should I charge for my services? (Unless specified by the company you work for) In step 2 you decided how much you need to make every month to pay the bills. Now how much do you want to make? Make sure you are worth the money and don’t be afraid to ask for it. It is difficult in the beginning but once you have started it will be easier. Remember; time is money.

I so wish someone had told me this when I started looking into working from home. In the beginning I searched for “Paid to…” sites etc but found out that it will take an eternity to make any money there. Had I know what I know today it would have been so much easier.

What do you wish you had known before you started to work from home?

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