Thursday, January 17, 2008

Connecting Moms

As much as we love to talk about working at home and how to balance work and kids we need some time to talk about other things as well. I call this After work- connecting moms. Here is a full list of sites and boards where you can chat to other moms about just anything. Enjoy!

Ask a Mum
Baby University
Family Go
Frugal Mom

Cafe Mom
Calgary Moms
Canadian Parents
Club Mom
Coffee rooms
Connected Moms
Contest for Moms

Diva tribe
Expressive Parents
I am the Mom
Just Mommies

Lunabar - Momsclub

Marine parents
Mayas Mom
Mega Mommies
Mojo Mom
Mom Advice
Mom Junction
Mommy a Go Go
Mommy Club
Mommy Community
Mommy Matter
Mommys Escape
Mom Pack
Moms 4 Community
Moms and Mentors
Moms Source
Moms Talk Network
Moms Today
Moms Voice
Moms World
Mom To Mom Chat
Mom Vice
Mom Zone
Mom Zoo
Mothers Click
Moxie Moms
Mums Zone

Net Moms
New baby
iVillage Parenting boards
Parents talk
PJ Mommy
Real Savvy Moms

She Knows
Simply Moms
Tally Moms
The Best moms

Young Mommies
Yummy Friends

Know of a great board/site that is not listed? Tell me!

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Katherine Reschke said...

A very comprehensive list - thank you - I will visit many of them.

I tagged you here

Linda said...

Thank You Katherine, and thanks for the tagging! :)

itsy said...

There are two great UK sites for mums
for all mums
the 'ning' community Giant Potential is defiantly worth joining


Linda said...

Thanks Itsy! i will definitely check those out!


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