Friday, January 18, 2008

Curiosity killed the cat

"Curiosity killed the cat"
That is something I feel like telling my husband sometimes when his curiosity comes creeping. I'm not talking about curious as in what others do or so, that he doesn't have any interest at all in thankfully, but messing with technical stuff because he is so curious.

My DH bought a cell phone a few weeks ago and plays with it every now and then. Last night he let his curiosity get in the way and started changing the SIM-card. Result: The phone got blocked. So at midnight he had me calling the phone service people to see how he could unblock it. Turns out he I has have to go to the store with the phone. This was the perfect moment to remind him of the cat story. Which I didn't though.

Now my husband always mes with cables and stuff. It could be a HDMI cable or a TV cable or just about any cable and he is there trying to fix it. I have tried to prohibit him from being too technical but I'm not succeeding very well unfortunately seeing that last night he went to my MIL to fix a TV cable.

I am proud of him being so technical because 99 times out of 100 he does fix whatever the problem is, but then it is that remaining 1 time.... the time that curiosity got in the way.... :) Anyone else with a technical curious husband? *lol*

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curiouscat said...

Curiosity saves the smart cat money, for example: on audio visual cables

Chelle said...

For christmas or his birthday set him up for classes that teach him about things he wants to know regarding electronics.

This way he'll learn how to do it well, how to do it right and you won't have to be running around fixing things behind him.


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