Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Do something different

It would be so nice to go away for a few days and do something different. At the moment I am feeling a little tired and could need an environmental change actually.

And the way I feel today I would be up for just about anything I think. Take me climbing, bungy jumping or golfing and I will go without complaining. I have never climbed nor have I ever considered bungy jumping or played long golf.

Playing golf is what is more appealing actually. I can imagine an open golf course, peace, tranquility. That would be nice. Just don't ask me how to play or what the difference between the different kinds of clubs are. You can give me Nike golf clubs or any other brand and I wouldn't blink, I simply would not care. I'm not sure it is in the club though if you know what I mean. I have heard it is in the swing. *lol*

Climbing would also be fun if it isn't too high, which would be difficult to avoid if you go up in the mountains. And bungy jumping is just too scary.

Or maybe I should just do something simple like adding milk to my coffee or start sitting in front of my gate like my neighbors does all the time... Perhaps that is easiest...

Do you ever feel the need to do something different to get away from it all? What do you do then?

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Revka said...

I love to try new things, and Mr. Incredible and I like dong adventurous things together. We've gone camping several times, hiking, white water rafting, skiing ... and who can forget our trips to the nearby (?) amusement park. :) FUN!!!

Linda said...

That sounds lovely Revka! I love skiing, unfortunately I live in the wrong country for that :) I ewould probably stay away from water rafting.. chicken! :)


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