Friday, January 11, 2008

Even the mattress is different

Everything here in Brazil is different to the rest of the world, of course. Even the mattresses.

When we bought our mattress I was really surprised how stiff the mattresses are here. I really tried to get my husband to buy this soft cushy foam mattress but he didn't understand why I didn't like the mattresses. Of course the softer mattresses were also more expensive than the stiffer ones.

In the end we bought one that was more stiff than I wanted but softer than what my husband wanted :) And if you ask me I wouldn't mind buying a new mattress even though I've gotten used to the one we have now.

Another thing that is different are the duvets. I love these soft, OK I like soft, goose duvets or similar. That wasn't even an option when we bought our duvet. Well actually I wouldn't even say it is a duvet, I would say it's a blanket. Not very thick at all. During the winter we sleep with several layers of blankets. I have many times thought that I should look for a real duvet, it must be possible to buy it somewhere.

See; everything is different around the world, even the mattress.

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