Monday, January 21, 2008

Finding ones place in the world- starting with your home

I may have mentioned this before but it doesn't hurt to say it again; Moving here is the best thing I have ever done! I have found my home and this is where I will stay. At least I have no plans whatsoever to move!

But it can be hard to find ones place in the world, and I believe it starts with finding your home. Feeling comfortable where you spend most of your time, or not. The place that is your "Home sweet home"

If you don't feel like that when you are at home or are thinking of moving it could be about to time to talk to a Realtor to find the best place for you. Whether you want to find a home for rent or a home to buy it is important you get all information you need before going ahead and box all your things. Asking for a mortgage quote is only one of many things you need to remember so if it is your first time on the house market you might want to ask a friend for advice first.

Once you have found your home and are sure this is the place you want to spend a good few years of your life then it is time to build up your home and make it yours. For some it takes time to make a home the way they want it. Me and DH have lived here for three years and it is now that we have made some changes to make it really ours. Now I can finally say " Home Sweet Home" when I come home. That is a nice feeling!

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