Tuesday, January 29, 2008

How often do you want leads?

Do you see the two polls on the right side of the blog? If you come here mainly to know about job leads I would appreciate if you take a few seconds to answer the poll.

What I would like to know is: How often do you want leads and what kind of leads do you want to see?

The poll on the right side is from Easy-Poll. If you want to put up a poll on your site it takes no more than thirty seconds to sign up and confirm your email. After signing up you have access to easy polls. Either make a yes/no poll or a multiple choice poll. Unfortunately there is no option to ask several questions and get several answers in one poll but since it is so easy and quick to set up a poll it didn't bother me much.

To add it to your blog you simply cut and paste the code they provide you with and insert it as html/javascript it works for surveys on your own domain, myspace surveys and Blogger surveys as well as many other platforms. And that is it! As easy as one two three. I choose a simple design but you can choose from many colors and styles should you want to. With this easy service you can put up as many polls you'd like in a minute.

Oh and it is free.. we like free things don't we..

Now stop reading here and answer my little poll please*lol*

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