Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Internet status

Being rich and wanted can be measured in so many ways. People are seduced by the outer you before knowing the inside. The way you dress and the way you talk is what attracts before you even have a chance to get personal with someone.

There are those who "measure" people depending on if they wear gold watches or not or if they wear the latest fashion. Now I don't fall into either category. I have never liked fashion and I never wear a watch, let alone a gold watch. So I will have to be judged on my manners and personality instead.

But it is hard not to judge people depending on their looks. I try not too but I recognize the times I do. Now thankfully no one can judge on the Internet without actually seeing you. Or that is; they can't judge your style or tell if you are rich or not. But they can judge your manners; the way you write and chat with your fellow Internet users/blogger's. Your "Internet status" is based on your blogging manners. if your Internet manners are good you are more likely to be accepted and liked by fellow blogger's.

So what are good manners when it comes to blogging? And how is your so called status measured? I have two words: popularity and honesty.

Needless to say a blog with lots of visitors and a good reputation has a higher status than a blog with hardly any visitors. The honesty is measured in many ways, your credibility and your writing. Linking back to sources, not plagiarizing and give credit when credit is due are just a few ways of measuring. 

Have you thought about your Internet/blogging status? Do you care about it? Would it be more attractive to read someone's blog knowing they were rich than knowing they hardly had food on the table?

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