Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Is your desk worth the money?

Is your current home office desk worth the money you spent on it when you bought it? I would say that mine is in the sense that I didn't have anything to compare to and also because of the financial state we were in at the time we bought it. But then again I would say that if I had more money at the time I would have bought a desk with better quality.

When buying a new office desk it is important to compare the different desks available as well as looking at the price. If you work from home you want to make sure your desk will not fall apart after a few months or not fit your business as it grows.

Price Point office desks are available in various sizes and models which means that whatever your business you will find a desk that will blends in nicely in your home office. The desk tops are thicker than most office desks on the market offering a higher guarantee that your desk will last longer. Besides the 25mm desk top, compared to the normal standard of 8mm, the desk legs are 2mm instead of 0,6mm ensuring a stable and strong desk.

Finding affordable office furniture is nowadays not as much of a big problem as it was a few years ago. Today you will be able to find high quality office furniture at a price that you can afford. Sometime paying a little bit extra will get you a long way and with 8 years guarantee on the furniture you buy you don't have to buy new furniture for some time.

Apart from desks Price Point also offers book cases and other office items such as desk dividers and tables. As a UK based company they offer competitive prices when it comes to office furnitures in the UK.

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