Monday, January 21, 2008

LessMessMonday: Small steps to easy home office organizing

A messy table = a messy you?

I know that I work better with a clean and tidy house around me but unfortunately I sometimes get stuck in the clutter world for some time. Papers lying around, toys on the floor, no pen near me when I need it... and the list goes on.  As you work from home it can be difficult to  separate your working area from your family area.

If you recognize the above then perhaps you are in need of some help. Here are a few simple tips to help you organize your wahm office;

* Separate family documents and work documents.

* Buy a small filing cabinet or folders to separate your work. Buy folders in different colors and keep one color for one thing and another color for another. Then you will always know that the red folder is family documents and the yellow one is for work etc.

*Buy a memory board. Pin your most important day to day papers there but make sure you keep it neat and it doesn't just add to the clutter.

*Don't let your pens lie around everywhere. Some pens have a way of somehow disappear without anyone touching them. Buy a pen that is notably different and tell your kid; "This is Mommy's and is to stay on my desk" Make sure you stick to that rule as well. A good idea is to buy your kid a special pen as well so that there will be no crying or fighting and you end up without a pen.

* Make your office a place where you really feel you want to keep it tidy and neat. Buy some plants or a nice table cloth or whatever you feel will make it a nice working area not making it an effort to keep it tidy.

* If your working place is close to the living room or in an area of your house that is not separated it could help if you try to isolate your area a little more. it could be something simple like a big plant on the side or a sofa, making it your corner. The idea is to be with your family but still in your office.

* Put up a work related calendar for your business only and have it near you. To make sure you don't forget family activities you can also put a family calendar next to your work calendar.

* Make sure your phone is close to where you work. This might seem silly but you would be surprised to know how many beginning WAHM's have their phone in the kitchen or anywhere else in the house except from where they work. Having your telephone close to you, or use a wireless one, could save you lots of time.

* A clutter free floor makes it all better. If you need to, organize your cables to free up space and make sure there are no other things than yours stored in your area.

* Paint your area another color. The color will differentiate and draw a line between work and family area. Talk to your family so they know that your area is like a room with an invisible door starting from where the color is different.

These are only a few small steps to easy home office organizing, share your best home office organizing tips in the comments!

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