Monday, January 14, 2008

LessMessMonday - Sticky Notes!

I have realized I am not a very environmental friendly blogger, in fact I am a very bad blogger. Why? Well I have a tendency to waste more paper than necessary. I jot everything down on A4 sized sheets of paper. The other day I threw away over 20 sheets and I still have about the same left with notes and links and everything else that I "need".

So I decided to organize myself and become a more environmental friendly blogger as swell as save myself the trouble of trying to understand what I actually wrote.

The solution: Sticky Notes or Digital Post-it Notes.
I am sure everyone is familiar with those yellow little notes called Post-it notes. Well did you know that they are available as digital notes for you to stick on your desktop?

There are several post-it notes available; either for free or for a small fee. I belong to the group who search for free first so I didn't dig too deep into the paid versions but got a free one instead. The one I got was Sticky Notes. A free version with lots of options. Easy to download and customize the way I want it. They work just like normal sticky notes, you write what you want, add what kind of font you want, background colors etc.

Other search options are: Post-it Notes, Digital Post-it, Digital Sticky notes, sticky notes. Google and thou shall find.

LessMessMonday; Simple organizing for busy Moms!

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Gaida said...

Hi Linda,

Must admit I'm a real paper collector. I even cut out interesting tid bits out of our local newspaper to blog about. My son has a good laugh about it.
If I throw it out you can guarantee I'll need it.

Must try to get more organized this year.

Linda said...

Haha, I can imagine he does, I would too. I do jot down possible things to blog about but I'm not yet cutting out pieces from the newspaper, mind you I never read it so perhaps that is why :) I'm sure you get some good inspiration from there.


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