Thursday, January 31, 2008

Narrow your goals and make dreams come true

Do you have any goals for your life? Most people do, whether it is for tomorrow or the next decade. I really like the thought of having everything planned and see how it works out afterwards. Well planning is one thing, making it happen is another.

I'm not the best one to advice on how to set up goals but I do know one thing; be as detailed as you can. Then you have a better chance of realizing your dreams. The more you narrow down your goals easier it will become to make it happen.

Like instead of saying "I want to earn $5000 until December" You should specify why you want to earn it. " I want to earn $500 before December so that I can buy Mom a great gift/go on holiday/give it away" or whatever you want to do with the money.  Of course it's not only about money, this is for weight loss or any other kinds of goals or dreams you may have.

We all have dreams, the difficult part is realizing them. Make sure 2008 is the year for you.

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