Thursday, January 03, 2008

A New year, a New me, a New you

A New year, a New me, a New you, how does that sound?

Last year was a very stressful year. I learned a lot but worked hard for it. This year some changes have been made and I will make sure it is a less stressed year with more time for my family.

Although it doesn't need to be a Monday or a new year to start a new life we often feel like Mondays are the best days to start a new diet and a new year is the best time to start all over again. And I have to say I feel just like that. I really feel I have been given a new chance and especially more time. Last year I wanted more than 24h/day but this year I think I will be fine with only 24.

I look forward to a happy 2008!

Happy New Year and welcome 2008!

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