Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Pain is a part of happiness

We often imagine happiness without any pain and think that our lives will be complete the day when we have no worries or sorrows.

We often curse and feel unjustified with the problems we have. “Why me?” is a question that probably too many of us have asked once in our lives. We probably never get an answer to that but my answer is: You only get what you can handle. Whether you believe in God or not but I believe we get what we can handle. Bad things happen and sometimes they are irreversible and can not be made undone.

Everything we go through in life makes us stronger and we can only learn from our mistakes. We can regret them for the rest of ours lives and feel bad about it but life goes on. No matter how much you punish yourself there might be nothing you can do to get rid of the pain caused to someone else or yourself. Whether you are a victim or the victim yourself the pain is inevitable.

It seems as if some people can go through life without feeling any remorse to the bad they’ve done. But rest assure that life will catch up on those as well and in the end they will learn what remorse is. And I am not talking about punishment but insight and wisdom.

We can’t avoid the pain but we can try and accept it and go through life with our heads above the water so that we don’t drown, trying to get to the shore so we can rest on the soft sand.

Yes I do regret many things in my life and wish they could have been different but I wouldn’t undo anything. If it wasn’t for those things I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I can’t give you advice on how to live your life but I can tell you that pain is a part of live and whatever you are going through will only make you stronger.

Don’t let the pain take control of your heart and put a shield around your heart, life is too valuable for that. Pain is a part of happiness and a happy life and you will see it once you get out of the stormy water.

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