Sunday, January 20, 2008

WAHM working hours

One of the main concerns when starting to work from home or when thinking about it is; when is the best time to work and how many hours will I work?

To begin with this all depends on what kind of work you do from home. If your business is based online you have more options as it can usually be done at any time. If your business is done off line you might need to plan a little more to make sure your family don't get put on the side. You are a WAHM because you want to have more time with the family right?

How many hours you work also depends on what type of work you do. If you are a Tupperware consultant you might work more night than day only a few days a week when having demonstration parties to attend to. If you work online it could be all day.

My son was already in nursery when I started to work at home and has continued to go there. I personally find that having him at nursery is better for me. I do have the option of picking him up early or have him at home some days if I want to which makes it all better.

What to think about when planning your working hours;

* Daily activities- does your kids have any special activities during the week you need to take into consideration?

* Your partners working hours. More time with the family is what the goal is usually.

* Fixed hours- Create a schedule and make sure you follow it.

* Out of home obligations and activities, it could be church, medical appointments or something else. Everything needs planning.

* How much attention your child needs. Some kids are happy playing on their own others need attention all the time. Working with interruptions is difficult and will make your work take twice as long.

As you can tell the question to "How many hours a week will I work" is not easy to answer. The best thing you can do is to sit down and really go through everything you need to do during the week and make an estimate of how many hours it will take you. That's when you can decide your working hours.

The important thing is also that if you have chosen to be mom who works from home to be at home with your kids that your work doesn't get priority and your child put in second place.

If you are a WAHM when do you find is the best time for you to work with your child at home?

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