Tuesday, February 12, 2008

15 A Day - leads Feb 12

15 A Day is the daily post Monday – Friday where you can find 15 job leads. Many of these leads will be for writing and blogging jobs but also for other possible Work At Home jobs. Unless stated these leads should not be country binding but you should be able to do them from anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection.

Please note that I only provide you with the links, I am not responsible for them. Research before applying for any job. Also keep in mind that though some leads may be a few days old it does not mean they are filled, you can still apply.

Only 13 Leads today!

Tumblr Theme Designers
Web & Logo Designer
Online Accounts Clerk

Writer/Blogger (contract/freelance)
Top Ghostwriting Agency Seeks Published Authors
English to French Proofreader Needed

Advertising Copywriter - Freelance
E-Newsletter Writer Wanted
Real Estate Blogger Needed (Needs to know about Manhattan new condo construction projects)

Freelancer Movie Reviewer

Freelance Illustrator for Header Graphic
Trade Writer Wanted

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