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24 countries in 2 days

When we go on holiday we tend to live in a "Oh its a holiday- all trouble can wait" vacuum. It is like tomorrow has no worries and whatever problems we have can wait until we get home and we deal with it then. And we usually end up spending too much money.

That is obviously the meaning of a holiday but there are ways to have a great holiday and still save money. If you are traveling to Europe you probably want to see as many places as possible once there. One of the ways to make sure you save money is to find a good and affordable hotel. You can stay at a hostel or at a B&B for a more family friendly atmosphere.

Europe has so much to offer and each country is unique. You have probably heard of those packages "24 countries in two days" or something like that. I haven't been to half of all the countries even though I am from Sweden but some of the places that attracts tourists are; Amsterdam, full of bridges and canals it is a city with lots of cyclists. There you can also find the well known van Gogh Museum. there are almost as many Amsterdam hotels as there are canals so you will be sure to find somewhere to stay.

Not too far away is Prague , a small country that is very popular for a weekend break its attractions include;The Prague Castle, Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square. The food is supposed to be very good as well I have heard from fellow food bloggers who have been there. While some say that staying at one of the old Prague hotels can be an adventure others prefer to stay at luxury spa hotels. Going on Spa trips has become a trend in Europe and in some countries the the currency exchange means you get more than you pay for.

A land full of Islands is of course Greece. Who doesn't see those lovely white chalked houses and blue sea when thinking of Greece? You can either choose to stay at one island or go island touring or perhaps visit some of the antique Greek museums. In Athens you can find The
Temple of Olympus bringing you back in time. If you do not want to stay at any of the many Athens hotels or at surrounding Greece hotels you can go to any of the many islands and enjoy your visit with a beautiful view. Imagine waking up in the morning and seeing blue clear water and white chalk houses. Just like the postcards you see from Greece.

Spend you money wisely when you go on holiday, many things are actually free. Barting does exist, don't be afraid to ask for a better price if you are at a market. I wouldn't try it at shops though.

Traveling is great, living far away now I wish I had traveled more when I actually lived there...

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