Saturday, February 09, 2008

Always remember your first clients

We hear it on commercial all the time; "We make sure your experience with us is special" etc Promises about how you as a client, individual, is very important to the company and they will make sure you have a pleasant experience. And these promises, can the companies live up to their word?

Me and my DH spent over an hour waiting to exchange a ladder today. We stood there like two fools waiting for a member of staff that was seeing to us, all of a sudden she disappeared; she had gone to lunch! We started questioning other members of staff but they kept saying it could only be dealt with by this particular girl and so on. Now the ladder wasn't even ours, it was my mother in law's otherwise we would have returned it. In the end the manager came around and sorted it out but he didn't seem to care much and only gave us a very lame " sorry about the wait", that meant nothing to him.

Somewhere on the line this company has forgotten its first customers. If it hadn't been for those first customers, what would have happened?

It is so easy to be extremely nice in the beginning because you cannot afford to lose customers, but what about later? When you are established, can you afford to lose a client? I would say no. You can never afford to lose a customer.

Will I tell about my bad experience to others? Yes it is very likely, I was not happy. Will it be good for the company? No. Will others stop buying there? Probably not, even I will go back there, although not to that particular shop. But that is not what it is about.

Always remember your first clients and treat your future clients like they were your first. Even after your business grows.

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