Thursday, February 07, 2008

Do you take what you get OR do you get what you take?

Do you take what you get or do you get what you take?

Difficult question? For me it is really simple. There are those who wait until something comes around and they take what they can get and then there are those who go out and get what they take.

I belong to the later category, patience is not part of my vocabulary really. If you ask my friends and family to describe me impatience would probably be a word they would use. Of course being impatient can have its downsides but I really only see the good sides.

Unfortunately I think that most people belong to the first category. It is a part of our social behavior- don't be too pushy. But who is to decide if you are too pushy? Where is the limit?

When it comes to freelancing you need to be a little bit pushy. Otherwise it will be hard for you to get somewhere. So you need to stick up your hand and say "Hey here I am- do you see me? Can you hear me?" If you don't you can sit in your corner or at the back for ages and no one will ever see you or hear your fantastic voice.

Imagine this; you see a great ad for a job that would be perfect for you. You decide to send in your resume and show off your skills, after a week you still haven't heard anything back. Well you figure they must be swamped in letters so you wait a little longer. Another week goes by and you are still wondering why they haven't gotten back to you. After a few days you decide that it wasn't for you and give it up.

Wrong! Learn from the so called "pushy freelancers"; be pushy without being pushy. Another word for that would be persistent. You need persistence to succeed. Now imagine the above scenario in a different way;

You reply to the great job ad, send in your resume and wait for about 5-7 days. If you haven't heard anything back you send them a new email pointing out that you have already sent them your resume and are still interested in the job, all this without sounding too eager and pushy. (yes I could squeeze in another pushy there) After a few days you still haven't heard anything back but because you know that persistence can pay off you send them another email, once again very friendly pointing out that you have applied but perhaps they have misplaced your resume. A few days later you get a letter back saying that your persistence has paid off.

And this is a proven effective way that works for many freelancers. Of course it may not work all the time but if you do not follow through your applications you may miss out on some really good jobs/gigs. As a freelancer you can usually not afford to miss out on any chances.

Now ask yourself again; Do you take what you get or do you get what you take?


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