Saturday, February 02, 2008

Have you planned your holiday?

Have you planned this year holiday yet? Perhaps you haven't and perhaps you think that there will not even be time for a holiday this year. Last year I didn't have any free time or spare time at all but this year as I have reduced my workload but increased productivity I have actually thought about taking some holiday.

But what will happen top my business while I am on holiday? For me that is not really a problem. There are computers all over the world so wherever I go I can stay in contact with my clients.

But a holiday doesn't have to mean leaving your house and stay at a Las Vegas hotel or a hut in Thailand. You can enjoy your holiday in a more local environment. If you are worried about staying away from your house and business for a long period of time you can even spread out your holiday throughout the year instead of taking one month in a go.

The important thing is to take a holiday, be it 2 days or a month. Your mind need to relax and get new ideas for you to work on. If you give it enough time you will relax even the most stressed mind. It takes some time to wind down from a stressed job. Mind you, enough time might be only two days staying at home doing nothing. Really you should try and go some place else and have fun.

Have you planned your holiday for this year yet?

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