Friday, February 15, 2008

How can I contact you?

There is one thing that is often left out when you read about blogging and how to become successful etc; the importance of a way to contact you.

In the beginning I didn’t at all think this was important, I didn’t want any spam in my email and had horrible thoughts about what would happen if I gave out my email. I am now of a totally different opinion.

If you are serious about blogging you need to have a way for readers to contact you. Every time I visit a blog and would like to send an email for some reason and cannot find an email address or contact form I question the blogger’s professionalism.

And you know what? It is not only for those blogger's trying to make a living out of blogging but also for any blogger. It doesn't matter if you blog about your dog, kids, how to lose weight or make-up, there has got to be a way to contact you!

The best way to separate your blog/Internet email and your private email is to set up a new account only for Internet purposes. Use that email for readers to contact you or to set up accounts on the Internet.

Once you have one you will see the accessibility it gives you to communicate with your readers and fellow blogger's. And you might find yourself thinking “why on earth is there no way for me to contact this blogger other than through leaving a comment???”

If it wasn't for my email address I would probably have missed out on some good chances when it comes to working... that should tell you something. Now if you haven't got an email address already; go set one up!

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Anonymous said...

wow, you are so right! I never even thought about that....


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