Sunday, February 24, 2008

Keeping your home safe

When I moved here I noticed that every night there would be a guy on a motorcycle riding around in the neighborhood beeping his horn. Of course it got me curious so I asked my husband why he did that. My husband informed me that it is a kind of alarm system monitoring.  This guy on motorcycle is actually the night guard protecting the houses that have signed up for that service.

The little beeping he does only warns you that he is in the neighborhood. What I am not so sure about is how worthy this kind of protection is as he rides by quite fast, I  cannot imagine how he can see anything actually.

I am not sure if these houses have some other kind of protection but I have also never heard about any break-ins here. Here every house is protected by a big gate usually so if you want to break in you would have to jump the gate first.

It's good that we have the option to have extra protection but it is quite sad it is needed.

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