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LessMessMonday- 6 Inspiring Organizing Blogs.

Don't hide the dirt under the rug, clean it up!

Being a stay/work at home mom can sometimes be a bit overwhelming when you suddenly realize that you have more time to keep your clutter at bay but somehow the piles only grows.

That is what happened to Laura when she started to stay at home. She realized she needed a Weekly Cleaning Schedule to keep the mess at bay instead.

Now Laura helps other moms keep their clutter at a reasonable level with her blog I'm an Organizing Junkie. If your home is a mess you can find very useful tips to make your daily organizing easier. She has also written several eBooks about how to stay organized and turned her "obsession" into success and is now a Professional Organizer available for hire! If you want to get organized this is where you should start! Laura also hosts Menu Plan Monday every Monday where you can link to your own weekly menu planning.

Another great organizing mom with a similar name is Lauri. She writes about organizing on her blog Tip Junkie.
If you have a great organizing tip you can submit it to her blog, a great way to share knowledge between moms! You can even get and receive the Great tip Award!

Inspiration to get organized can also be found on Jeri's Organizing & Decluttering News With plenty of images to various ways to stay organized you can surely get inspired to clean up your own home. Definitely worth to check out if you need new ideas.

The How About Orange blog got its name because its owner, Jess, likes just orange. Jess is actually a graphic designer and also sells her own fabulous fabric. Her fabric is not orange but greenish though, really nice! On her blog you can find lots of inspiration and tips about home decoration as well as organizing. Take an extra peek at the links in her sidebar, you can find some hidden gems there. Want to know how to make a Fabric Luggage tag? Learn that and more on project tutorials.

On Today's Creative Blog Kim writes about beautiful things and decoration. This might be more towards decorating than organizing but I believe the two goes hand in hand. We should only decorate and organize with beautiful things. Something I am trying very hard to teach my husband. For him cheap is better than chic. *lol*

Last but not least comes Creative Organizing written by another professional organizer who also run Simplify 101. Simplify 101 sends out monthly newsletters to help you stay organized. On the blog Creative Organizing you can also find answers to your organizing questions. You ask what to do and she tells you how to do it!

I hope these blogs can serve as an inspiration to get a little more organized, if you know of a site that should be mentioned here, leave a comment!

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Linda, I'm delighted to know you find my blog inspirational!


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