Friday, February 01, 2008

Prioritize your family before work

Yesterday I was supposed to have supplied you with daily leads. Which I unfortunately failed to do. Why? I was having too much fun actually. I spent the time with my son playing football, reading and laughing instead of letting him entertain himself in front of the babysitter TV.

Next week he is going back to nursery and although I absolutely love having him at home it will still be nice to have a few hours to concentrate on work every day and not having someone call you every other minute.

So I decided that it was more important to play with him . After he has gone back to nursery I will do my best to give you daily leads. Until then; I'll do what I can to update the blog. :)

*Edited to add: I have edited the title of this post, I kept thinking to myself that it didn't make sense so I changed it, sorry about that. First and last time I do that I hope!*

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Anonymous said...

My wife is about to give birth to our 1st child any day now, and it was my stepsons 5th birthday on thursday.. to which we had plans .. my boss put me on a flight on thursday for a meeting she didnt want to take no way out be flown home saturday (lucky my wife didnt go into labour) for the meeting the chairman would not deal with me he wanted my boss.. I return home today with plans for my sons birthday only to be called and told that the dead line for my work I should have done thursday and friday but couldnt because i was covering my boss had been moved forward to Monday.. the promise i made of a birthday on the weekend with me hasnow gone .. I wish I could do what you have done.. you did the right thing ... no one will recall or care for the work you did .. but the shaping of a child and a shared moment will last for ever.. well done

Linda said...

That sounds really tough! I hope you are able to cut down on work a little and have time to enjoy your newborn. Thanks for stopping by! All the best to you and the family!


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