Saturday, February 23, 2008

So many posts and so little time

Or the title could also be "Rushing your posts and making your readers flee"

And boy am I guilty of that!

Tell me a blogger who hasn't rushed through a post because you have almost missed the deadline? Now regardless if you are blogging for yourself or for someone else this is likely to happen at some point. 

So what can you do?

There are a few things you can do to make sure you aren't just pumping out totally useless information.

  • Set up a blogging schedule and stick to it! If you outline what you are going to blog about during the week it will be easier to follow through. Of course for personal blogs that is usually not necessary.
  • Decide what you are going to write about. It could either be different topics all the time or perhaps a series of posts in one topic.
  • Outline and set your keywords. When I sit down to plan my posts (which unfortunately doesn't always happen) I think through what I want to write about and write down a few keywords so that I will remember what I was thinking of. It is really easy to say " I'll write about that later" and afterwards you forgot what the great idea was.
  • Write! Either draft your posts in Word or in a blog editor. I use Windows Live Writer which is great because you don't have to be online and can also save your drafts as you write.
  • Locate the appropriate images to your post. Now if I had done that there would be an image in this post. See lesson learned.
  • Re-read your post and check if there are any spelling errors or typos that you have missed.
  • Save your post and relax. Depending on how many posts you have written you might be able to "forget" about your blog for a few days. of course you should still check comments etc. WP has a great feature which allows you to future post but unfortunately if you use Blogger you will have to post every day.
  • Post it! That is probably the easiest part.
  • Start all over again. Now its time to plan your upcoming posts- repeat the process.

See; it needn't be difficult- the only thing you need to do is plan and you can sail along. Somewhere among all my projects I really should plan more for this blog. I will try and better myself :)

Do you rush your posts, can you tell when a blogger has rushed a post?

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