Thursday, February 21, 2008

What I am doing these days...

I haven't disappeared, I am just extremely busy trying to catch up on a few things these days. Because of the storms last week I am behind schedule. It stormed yesterday as well actually and a few trees were struck by lightning.

Well if you are interested in what I am doing these days here is an update;

I am

  • Writing an E-book
  • Writing a normal book
  • Doing several blog designs at the moment
  • Concentrating on my writing services
  • Blogging for a travel site
  • Writing articles for a Travel site
  • Writing several different articles
  • Blogging on my own sites

As you can see I am quite busy.... :) which is of course very good. Although I am busy I am available for hire :) I am also trying to raise my son to be this happy content child, which is probably the hardest task of them all. Oh and I wouldn't mind exercising more so I can lose 2-3 kilos but when am I going to find the time for that?? *lol*

Updates and leads should continue next week if I manage to catch up on everything...

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erp said...

hi there~
i can see you really get busy with blogging :).hehe all the best


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