Thursday, February 07, 2008

Why a franchise can be the right choice for you

When you decide you want to work from home you immediately start thinking of what kind of business you should set up. Deciding what business you is the right for you can be a difficult task unless you already have a previous business experience that you want to explore and make your own.

We usually hear that we should start a totally different business from what already exist and do something that is "new". New is good and new thinking is essential when having a business, it means you have the capacity to grow. But trusting an already established brand can sometimes be easier and more gratifying than starting from scratch. By choosing from already established franchises you can cut out some of the worries that comes with a totally new business.

BusinessMart specialize in helping potential business owners buy a business and already existing owners selling their business. Here are a few things they point out to those thinking of buying a franchise; A few points to take into consideration when choosing between a new business or joining a franchise;

  • You save time. The research has already been done for you so you will immediately know if it is a selling business. Find businesses for sale in your niche and see what suits you the best.
  • The plan has already been made for you. With every franchise comes a plan for how the business should be set up and what works and what usually doesn't.
  • An already established brand has a larger chance of reaching out to the public as well as find financial support whereas a brand new business may not have the same chance.
  • You inherit the company's infrastructure;customers, employees,suppliers, systems and also equipment. The better the infrastructure the better chance of you succeeding.
  • The learning curve is shorter than if you start a new business. You will already have support from others in the same niche helping you concentrate on growing your business instead. Once you are customized to your clients and their needs it will be easier for you to focus on how to make your business grow.
There are thousands of already established owners looking to sell a business and expand it as a franchise. Now choosing which business is the best for you depend totally on you and your interests and hobbies. Remember a hobby might not be the best thing to do as a job. Sometimes a hobby is just a hobby. Therefore, think through your choice before deciding and then decide whether to start a totally new venture or follow in a franchise business' steps.

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Ken said...

Good post on franchises. This is a sensible way to start a business. The risks are much lower. But be sure to do all your homework on the franchise - buyers should do a lot of due diligence before writing a check.


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