Thursday, March 13, 2008

Advancing in technology

Let's take a leap back in time to see how technology has advanced. I remember that when I studied multimedia and computing the computers were definitely bigger than they are today. And by big I mean in all sorts of ways. The cpu, the monitor, scanners etc. And who had ever heard of pen drive?

Today we use slim computers and LCD monitors and even viewsonic monitor's. About a year ago the monitor to my old computer broke and we had to buy a new one. Of course that was a normal 17 inch monitor. When I bought this computer a small LCD monitor (15 inch) came with it, and even though it is smaller I wouldn't want to change it for the old one. Only for a larger flat screen :)

Well this is what I call advancing in technology! And the pen drives that can store almost an endless amount of information, I think that is amazing! And thanks to who ever invented the CD-ROM! What would we be without that? Floppy discs are so out of fashion that it is not even added to new computers. I have to admit I still have some floppy disks with important info on that I need to transfer to a CD-ROM. But boy do I feel old when I think about that and how old it is*lol*

It is said Japan is the #1 country when it comes to technology, I'm sure they got something in store for us for the next coming years, I'm just curious what it will be.

Thankfully technology is advancing! Isn't it wonderful!?!?

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