Sunday, March 16, 2008

Afternoon serenity

One of the things I do want but haven’t got is a notebook computer. Of course at the moment I have no real need for it as I have a computer at home and if I did have one I would probably not take it outside of fear that someone would want to steal it.

But if I did have one I would sit in my flowerless garden in the under the shadow of the guava tree and type away. Every time I go outside and just sit and watch the world go by I have this feeling of pure and simple happiness. A feeling of gratitude. And it brings me such inspiration.

At the moment I can see the afternoon sun going down and the light is bright but soft with the sun reflecting on the tiles in my yard. I can hear my neighbors who always sit outside and chat, see motorcycles passing by, birds singing, dogs barking and then feel the wonderful feeling of serenity. I love this feeling, and had I had a notebook I would have taken it outside right now and enjoy the feeling of being closer to nature. But for now I may take a walk instead and just enjoy life as it is. (which I did, because now it is 7pm)

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