Saturday, March 22, 2008

Being a WAHM is being a Business Mom

Can you see yourself as a business woman? What comes into your mind when you think about having the title "Business Mom"? Can you relate to that?

It doesn't matter what you do- your aim is to make business
Never thought that being a WAHM meant you are a business woman? But of course that is what it is! If you work from home you are in charge of your own business whether it is selling candles or running a successful blog. You need to treat your way of earning a living as a business to succeed.

But I only want to support my family- not run a business
That is the way many moms think and you are not alone in thinking that way. There are several ways you can support your family without running a "real" business but if you want to do more than only "support" your family you need to aim higher.

You may only be selling Tupperware products or Avon but you do want people to buy your products don't you? You want to have a full schedule for your next parties? Want to make sure you have sold everything possible that month? That you will not count your pennies at the end of the month and perhaps even have to tell your husband "I'm sorry honey, this month I didn't make enough to pay the gas bill- can you please cover that".

If you answer yes to the above questions but are not making that yet you may not be thinking of yourself as a business mom.

Ever wonder how some people are so good at selling and some just can't seem to sell anything? You can be as determined as possible but without a strategic planning for your work at home job your chances of succeeding goes down by at least 50%. The best sellers aren't good at selling their products only- they know how to sell themselves.

7 easy ways to make sure you are on the way to success with your business;

  1. Map your products - What are you selling? It is important that you know exactly what you are selling.
  2. Swap shoes with your buyers- how would you like to be sold the product?
  3. Plan for events that will benefit your business- check the local newspaper to see what is happening in your town- can your business benefit from attending any of those events?
  4. By giving you may receive- Everyone loves free stuff. What can you give your clients for them to appreciate your business and what you do?
  5. Think outside the box- what are you offering that no one else is and how will it benefit your business?
  6. Practice your selling- stand in front of the mirror if needed or spend hours writing query letters and samples. Whatever needed for your success.
  7. Don't be afraid to ask for help. This is another reason many WAHM's give up after noticing that working at home is tough!Join a support forum of other WAHm's! I highly recommend MomMasterminds for WAHM's - it is a great investment and the knowledge you gain will pay itself off instantly.
And most important of all: Treat yourself as a business mom! You are doing business!

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