Monday, March 31, 2008

Comment Policy

I am a very patient blogger but I feel it is time to set some rules here.

This blog is a "U Comment I Follow" blog. Meaning; you comment with your web address and you get a link from this blog. A little bit of Linky Love.

Which is OK. But after finding that someone has used his new online job to make money commenting for back links and has left uncountable and totally nonsense comments I feel it is time to say stop.

I encourage comments, in fact I Love your comments! But for now on all comments will be moderated. If I find they are solely for a back link purpose I will not post them. I am sorry, don't ask- I won't budge. I do want to have some bloggy self respect left somewhere.

If you want to buy advertising to get this blog to link out - no problem- check the advertising page.

Thanks for your understanding!

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