Sunday, March 23, 2008

Designer addiction

Being a blog designer has its wonderfully good sides but it also makes you want to change your blog a thousand times per year. *lol* I call it Designer addiction because once you start it is difficult to stop.

Although I am quite happy with this layout I am thinking of changing it once again. I am starting to get annoyed with the header so I will probably change that soon as well as move down the My Blog log a little further which also means better advertising space for possible advertisers. The RSS feed heart will probably be dumped and I might even change the colors around here. Everything to make it a even better and more inspirational place for my readers.

What I need is to find the time to do it- that is the hard part.

As always any suggestions for what you would like to see here is welcome, I love to hear what you think. Leave a comment or send me an email.

I hope you all are having a wonderful Easter! Happy Easter!

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