Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Is all exposure good exsposure?

When you earn your living on the Internet and depend on it as a way to find new clients it can be easy to think that all exposure is good exposure.

Unfortunately it may not be.

As a blog designer I ask my clients to add my name to their blog to say that I did it and as a writer I ask that my name is added accordingly if agreed. I also seek out to find new ways of exposing myself and my work such as forums and commenting, participating in contests etc.

Many aspiring writers join various "writer forums" I use "" because really many of these places are only for exposure and the sum you get for writing there is minimal. These places can also be called "Blogger hangouts".

Writing for exposure is always good one would think but there are times when your exposure may harm you more than do any good. Unfortunately many of these places that promise you ad revenue may be seen as unprofessional.

Not with me? Let me explain;

You join a community where you write/blog and send some of your best work because you want to get exposure. You are thinking " I am getting good exposure and my name is coming out to others and perhaps I can be seen and land this great gig".

You see an ad for a promising gig and reply to it referring your future possible client to the site where you have blogged like crazy. Your possible future clients sees it and think; "well if this guy writes for small bucks and wastes his time doing this he can't be very busy nor experienced enough. I could probably get someone better".

You think that sounds harsh? Well may so be but it is true. I am not saying this goes for everyone, of course some possible clients don't mind you working for a low pay. Because you are working; you are putting your best work out there and you are getting $1 after hundreds of page views etc. That is a low pay and then you can tell yourself you are writing for exposure as much as you want but really you are working/writing for nothing.

This is a topic discussed on various writing forums and sure; there are writers who like to do this for fun, but they would probably not send in a sample with something written on that site. And a recent discussion on a writers group I belong to showed that in most cases it would be seen as unprofessional to write for low pay.

Then how should you get exposure you think? Write for yourself! In simple terms; get a blog/page and write and use that as a sample instead, that will be more valued in the end.

What do you think? Is all exposure good exposure? Have a different point of view in this matter? I'd love to hear,and of course shown wrong, that way it would be good exposure.

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new zealand tourism said...

Not all exposure is good exposure! I would rather have no exposure at all than to have negative or low paying exposure.
That said, you hit the nail on the head with the write for yourself. The more I write the more others see it and have approached me about writing for them. It has been the best exposure!

Linda said...

Thank you, I'm glad to hear I am not the only one thinking like this. Hopefully this post will make other new aspiring writers /bloggers see that as well.

Gaida said...

Hi Linda,

Yes... unfortunately all exposure is not good exposure.

Another great idea for your writing exposure is to create free viral ebooks that others can give away.

Even the 'big guys' on the internet have them & they definitely work.


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