Sunday, March 16, 2008

It is not what you haven’t got, it is what you Want

How often do you think about the things you do not want?
How often do you think; I hope I won’t get sick again, I hope it doesn’t start to rain, I hope little Charlie doesn’t fall and hurt himself, I wish no one would bother me tonight, I wish I had more money, I wish a had a loving partner… and on it goes. Our negative thoughts are all around us and they are everywhere.

I do “un wishful” thinking everyday I have to admit, I tend to think about things I don’t want to happen more than I think about things that I do want to happen.
And I understand how wrong that is, why should I focus more on things I do not want than on things I do want? Somehow the priorities are wrong.
How can I achieve a positive healthy happy life if I am focusing so much on what I haven’t got?

Everyday I have a handful of readers who find this blog because they use search terms like:”How can I live a happy life?”, ”What is needed for a happy life”, “How can I be happy?”, “I want to be happy” etc.. What is it that makes these people search for happiness? What answer is it that they are looking for? There is no answer to real happiness, no one will tell you “take one cup of sugar, one teaspoon of honey and you life will be wonderful and your problems will go away”. The answer to happiness lies within you. And I cannot stress that enough.

If you surround yourself with happiness and happy thoughts your life will automatically look brighter. Think about it- how do you feel when you are having a really good day? You probably feel that you have no worries what so ever and the ones you have are only a light weight on your shoulders. Yesterday your problems weighed a ton, today they weigh a gram. The sun is shining, you are thankful and appreciate life and everyone around you, you even smile at your annoying neighbor because you are in such a good mood. Nothing can weigh you down.
And that is happiness.

It is not about what you haven’t got- it’s about what you want. Focus on what you have got and what you want and you are on the way to a brighter and happier life.

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JoLynn Braley said...

Hi Linda,

You're so right - when we focus on what is good, what we have, what is working for us, not only will we be happier now, but we'll also end up attracting more of the good stuff into our lives!


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