Sunday, March 09, 2008

It is the small details that makes the man

"It is the small details that make the man" That is actually a good saying if I may say so myself, perhaps I just came up with a new famous saying *lol* What I am referring to here aren't looks though but things.

I have noticed that my husband gets very happy for small things, things that I wouldn't care less about. Lets say that he likes custom car mats, he would probably be incredibly happy for just a small thing like that while I wouldn't care at all. He bought an egg holder for his birds the other day, he was very happy about that while I thought it was a smart thing but didn't care much.

And that is the differences between men and women, they care for things we don't and the other way around. And it's the small things that makes the man, because we like our partners for what they like and I was of course happy to see that my DH got very happy because his egg holder but I shook my head behind his back smiling. *lol*

Sometimes paying attention to the small details can enrich a relationship more than words themselves...

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