Monday, March 24, 2008

LessMessMonday- Make your own notice board

This piece of advice I am going to share with you now is something I am going to do later today.

I have been waiting for some time now to get a message/notice board to put in front of my computer so that I can easily see what is going on and what I need to do. I have been looking around to find a big board that doesn't cost me a fortune but haven't found one that I like yet. Actually I have only found one and that was way to expensive for my budget. So that idea has been put aside for a while until I do find one. I am also against buying a normal ugly board so this idea is good if you want a practical notice board that is beautiful at the same time.

Here are my ideas of making your own notice boards;

String board;
Pins to fasten the string
Clips this could be normal Paper clips, bulldog clips or foldback clips (use different colored clips for a more creative look)

Attach the string on to something and let it hang lose or make it a straight line. Attach any papers or photos you want with the clips. Done!

Papers can be quite difficult to attach onto the string so this option will work better for papers that are not likely to be written on;

Clue the paper onto a stronger paper and add. If you are really creative and want a nice look you can make small frames out of cardboard. (Go find yourself an old box you can use or use an old shoe box- that paper is strong but not as thick as cardboard)

Frames out of cardboard:
* Cut out desired size twice, cut a square in the middle of one of the squares (or on both if you want to be able to see both sides)
* Glue a nice decorative paper (scrapbooking papers are handy here) onto the cardboard frame.
* Glue three sides of the frame leaving a space for you to insert any message you like into the frame. Depending on the frame you may want to add a little ribbon or string on the side of the frame to be able to hang it somewhere if not on your notice string.

Of course you can add decorations to your string if you like or use it only for photos or family related messages. It may not be the best solution but unless you prefer to have a desk full of papers it is a good option. It will definitely look a little different and may even add a warmer feeling to the office. * Tip: Get the kids involved, use glitter and stars and let it be a beautiful board*

Big notice board with frames: Glue a beautiful paper onto a big cardboard paper or similar. Make a frame like above but only use the cut out frame and glue onto the cardboard. A beautiful messaeg board for the whole family to use.

Big notice Board without frames: Glue a beautiful paper onto a big cardboard paper or similar. Pin your papers! Vóla! You got yourself a notice board!

Any other suggestions for making a notice board if you haven't got one already?

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