Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Life after thirty

Today is my husbands birthday, he he has now entered the world after 30 :) I have been teasing him that he is getting old *lol* He doesn't seem to care much though. I still have another year before it's time to "worry" about it.

Really the whole "after thirty" thing is silly, why is 30 such a dreaded number? Is it because then you are really grown up and before thirty you are still excused for being young? I remember having a slight twenty crisis when it hit me I wasn't an adult any longer, but that passed pretty quickly. Wonder if I will start looking for grey hairs when I turn thirty :)*lol*

I haven't bought a birthday gift for him yet though and I'm not even sure he will get one. Oh I am a terrible wife aren't I? Well I am still waiting for my Christmas gift so I guess it's even :) Last year I wanted to buy him a watch, I was looking at watches way out of my money league though. I really wanted to buy him a watch that was almost like a Technomarine watch but I didn't have the money. It was so tempting to buy it though as I thought it was pretty cool. Actually I don't even remember what I ended up buying him... I really hate buying gifts, be it for men or women. I think it is so hard to choose something that you know the other person will like.
Now this year is that I rarely go into town so I haven't had a chance to buy him anything, which is actually true.

Any ideas what I should get him? I will try to cook a nice dinner tonight, that's all I know...

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