Friday, March 28, 2008

Making plans for your future house

When we were looking for a house we would walk up and down the streets in our area to find a house that appealed to us. We have never walked that much after that I think. It was a nice feeling looking for a house, a house to make ours, us starting a real family and live happily ever after. *lol*

Finding a house can be difficult and one option and dream for many is to build a home from scratch. To design a new home you need to plan. At House Plans you can do a basic search and fill in how big your future house should be, how many bedrooms and bath rooms you want as well as tell you estimated cost. Or that is; how much you are willing to spend, which of course is an important part!

To find the best Home Plans for you and your family they ask that you select 1st, 2nd and 3rd most important feature, be it the space or the amount of bath rooms in the house. Of course you can later add any amenities you want to personalize your home.

They also offer Log home plans. I would love to live in a log house, that has actually been a dream of mine. It reflects such a cozy nice feeling I think.

I do love my house but my real dream though is to live either next to the sea or on the countryside. Now I don't live at either so that is a dream to hold on to. It is so nice to make plans for your future house, when you don't have to worry about mortgages that is.

Are you happy with the house you live in or do you dream about moving to a different house?

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