Saturday, March 15, 2008

Phone manners- keep it professional

It is so easy to think that because you work from home you don't have to be as professional as if you worked at a company. Wrong! You actually need top be even more professional. Without a small business phone system and a secretary to take your calls for you it is you that have to answer the phone and sell yourself to your clients as they call.

It is so easy to answer the phone and go "yeah" or " The Smith's in the middle of dinner" (if you have the habit of being funny when answering the phone that is). Sure that is fine if you have separate phone lines for work and home. But it may not be appropriate if you only use one line.

If you have kids at home who like to answer the phone it can be difficult to make them understand you need to talk to the person on the other line without them interrupting. Try to talk to your kids and if necessary make a deal with them that every time they let you answer the phone they can get credit to go the the ice cream store or something else they like. That way they will surely let you answer.

Some phones also allow you to have different signals for different calls so if possible assign one signal for family and friends and you will know when it is time to ake a work call.

It doesn't amtter if you work at home or not, good phone manners is something everyone should have. Unfortunately some people do forget that.

This is a real pet peeve of mine actually, I can't stand it when I talk to a company and their representative is unprofessional.

What is your experience- are work at home moms/dads more or less professional than a bigger company?

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